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About SC Wooden

Started in 1974, SC Wooden Products Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Syarikat Perniagaan See Cheng) has evolved from a cottage-industry company into a full-fledged modern manufacturing company with a built-up factory and warehouse area of more than 500,000 squarefeet.

SC Wooden is both a manufacturer and provider of Wooden Products and Wooden Packaging Services in Malaysia and for international market. We manufacture various types of wooden products that compliant with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) standard for domestic and international shipping. With our in-house heat treating chamber that utilize the kiln drying techniques, we are capable to produce all kinds of ISPM-15 certified products like Wooden Packaging Cases or crates, air-freight box, Wooden Pallet and others.

In view of the standard requirement set by WHO (World Health Organization), we are gearing towards using environmentally friendly timber – Acacia Mangium Wood in some of our products. Acacia Mangium is an eco-friendly wood from the controlled and sustainable Malaysia forest plantation. We source these materials only from the reputable and reliable suppliers to ensure our products are completely safe and meet the stringent requirements for domestic and export consumption.

SC Wooden Team

Our Management & production lines features competent builders who are led by a core team of dedicated and highly experienced staffs who are consistently proven themselves in promoting the growth and success of the company.

SC Wooden Plants & Products

To ensure the highest quality of products and to fulfill all the customers’ needs, our factory is equipped with the latest and the most comprehensive production systems and machineries for various kinds of wooden products manufacturing.

Our wide array of wooden products and services covered heavy and light duty, and which can be classified as:-

Packaging Solution

SC Wooden provides two types of packaging solution as one of its key value added services, namely Classic Pack and Vacuum Pack which are carried out by experienced personnel at customers’site hence the reliability and credibility of the process are assured.Our Wooden Packaging Services can be catered to suit your specific needs.

Customized Wooden Products

SC Wooden is the leading wooden product manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia and abroad.Manufacturers and suppliers of wood product in Various types and sizes of customized.We offer ISPM 15 international Standard compliant Heat Treatment services for the export oriented customers to complete their domestic and international shipping. Products we carry include: Plywood Box, Heavy duty Plywood Boxes, Airfreight Box, Clip Box, Wooden Box, Wooden Crates, Wooden pallets and more.

Environment Friendly Wood Products

With the advanced management practises and manufacturing technologies, SC Wooden has contributed into the Environment by converting natural renewable resources into products which are capable of reducing the CO2 emissions.Our Compressed products are economical,biodegradable and meeting ISPM 15 standard.They are moulded products made from wood fibre and synthetic resins under high heats and pressures. Products we carry include: Compressed Box, Compressed pallets, Compressed Wire Drum,Compressed Board, Wood Pellets, Wood Chips and more.

Innovative Engineered Wood Products

Engineered or manufactured wood products are valuable and great in benefits as they could be tailored for specific applications and act as sheets, having the consistent properties and performance and the ability to span larger distances than sawn timber, Products we carry include: Finger joint/butt wood, Flooring/Paneling wood, Lamination board, Cutting board, Door Plate, Chalet, Veneer Lumber(LVL) Pallets and more.Besides that,we also provide moulding services(S4S,E4E,Profile) or customized wooden renovation to fulfill all customers’ requirements.



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